Food occupies a very important place in crew morale and motivation on board ships. As such, it is hardly surprising that many professional and innovative Ship Owners and Managers are outsourcing this non-core support function to professional business players.

Seachef, as the name suggests, is in the business of Maritime Catering Management and handles all aspects of hospitality on board vessels. We are a division of Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, a wholly Owned subsidiary of Bernhard Schulte, Germany. We provide Ship Owners and Ship Managers with comprehensive on board catering services.

The concept was floated in1994 as a tool to motivate crew on board, provide them with nutritious & tasty meals by having trained chief cooks on board & enable the Master on board to focus & look into other important matters on board.

Our Success is based on our understanding of the importance of keeping the ships complement happy and healthy, enabling them to contribute directly to the efficiency of the vessel. This is the reason why we have been striving hard to achieve the goals of making every crew member feel at home and improving the quality of sea life by providing tasty, healthy and nutritious food.

Our base office in Mumbai is run by experienced Catering Superintendents who are graduates from recognized catering institutes. All base office staff has extensive experience in running catering and housekeeping departments on board merchant vessels, offshore platforms and hotels. From here a continuous watch over the overall performance of the onboard catering management of each vessel is performed. Furthermore day to day supply planning, monitoring of consumption of each food group by crew  onboard each vessel, negotiations with suppliers, placement of orders, arranging the required logistics for the supplies, menu planning support to the onboard cooks, guidance on requisition planning and issues related to food safety/hygiene, monitoring the monthly performance reports of the catering staff onboard and identifying the their training needs, planning and conducting the training for the catering staff, catering staff and Master/senior officer's briefing, etc. are carried out on day to day basis.

The operational team is further supported by dedicated accountants who plays an important role in costing out the inventories, check month end reports for correctness of data, prepares all financial reports for owner/principals, helps in payment of suppliers and preparing month end settlement of accounts.