• ​Compliance with HACCP guidelines. Meet FDA, AQIS guidelines.
  • Benchmarking with Cruise Ship Industry.
  • Upgrade HouseCreate Onboard Health Awareness.
  • Develop a unique purchase/menu planning software in the maritime industry which will make the paperwork onboard almost negligible.
  • Upgrade current quality systems parameter to ISO 14001.

To improve our Catering and Housekeeping standard Seachef has established a Food Safety Management System which will be satisfying all obligations towards the compliance of MLC regulation. The catering personnel’s along with senior officers are being briefed on the implementation of food safety management system, we are gearing to implement the food safety management system onboard all our vessels by March 2013.

Under the food safety management system (FSMS) the entire crew will be educated to instill and follow proper sanitation and hygiene onboard, day to day checks, weekly meeting and monthly reports will form the backbone of the FSMS which will serve as evidence and cross reference data for continuous improvement and audits.