Quality Supply Chain

Seachef has an extensive worldwide network of trusted ship suppliers across the world that is continuously vetted for their quality service and commitment to ensure that our prerequisite standards are maintained during the overall delivery process. With a large pool of vessels under our services we enjoy a considerable volume because of which we have been able to enjoy most economical prices for all our supplies. All the suppliers are engaged on credit terms which allow us to directly pay them without involvement of cash transactions.

Be it provisions, bond, deck stores, catering equipment’s, consumables, etc. we can arrange to supply our vessels almost all over the world, each and every supply is thoroughly checked for quality and quantity and anything amiss or not up to the standards are promptly credited back by our supplier which ensures that there is no loss in monetary terms to our principals/onboard crew. Whenever possible we make visits to major supplier’s premises or the supplier’s visits us to discuss our problems and issues so as to ensure that in future we may not face the same again and thereby minimizing the risks.

Our appointed ship chandlers are vetted for their professionalism by the following criteria and aspects:

Type and nature of establishment, Experience in business.

  • Warehouse /Storage, Bonded Warehouse facilities.
  • Road Transport facilities (Fleet profile), Launches & Supply Boats facilities. (Fleet Profile).
  • Annual Turnover and its breakdown in major categories.
  • International Certification, Membership, Quality Management System.
  • Variety of Services provided.
  • Vetting through the continuous feedback from our vessels.
  • Good IT support and Strong Financial Background.

Extensive Supplier Base in Over 60 Countries

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