Areas of Services

Seachef started off its operations with a keen interest to uplift the overall catering and housekeeping management onboard the various merchant vessels across the world. Today while continuing our focus on various merchant vessels, we can serve any kind of vessel, all sorts of offshore units and remote sites. The Seachef team comprises of professionally qualified and well experienced hospitality professionals who has years of experience working in various food and beverage establishments, hotels, cruise vessels, airline catering and marine catering services. Our services are not limited to the marine industry alone, we can easily extend our services to any land based establishment engaged in various aspects of hospitality services with much ease.

We tend to please seafarers’ palates while providing them with a healthy and nutritious diet. In parallel, aiming to streamline the entire system of victuals purchasing to deliver better value to its customers, a key component of vessel management costs. Seachef both simplifies and adds real value to the way food is purchased, handled and consumed on board, resulting in a ‘win-win’ for both owners and crew. Seachef follows an ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System and the office is manned by highly trained hospitality professionals, who oversee the day to day requisition preparation, month end reports, stock control, day to day supply planning, menu planning, along with general briefing/training to catering staff. With Seachef’s support, there is less paper and accounting work for senior officers, which means more time can be devoted to other important work.

Being part of a large Shipmanagement organisation helps us understand the importance of crew welfare onboard our vessels. Our bulk purchasing power helps us procure the best of quality products be it provisions, bond or general stores through our trusted supplier network at the most economical cost. With due assistance from our 23 crew service centres and 4 maritime training centres,  today we can source, recruit and train a diverse multinational hospitality crew fit for the specific requirement of each of our vessels. At Seachef we also engage in catering and housekeeping audits onboard vessels which helps the principal/manager of the vessel understand the gaps in the present procedures being followed onboard and furthermore highlight the potential risks which if overlooked for a longer period may result in health hazards, accidents and crew dissatisfaction onboard. We are happy to share our accumulated knowledge and experience in the form of consultation with organisations who wishes to improve upon their current standards of catering and housekeeping management onboard their vessels without our direct involvement as a service provider.