Benefits for ship owners and managers

  • Crew wellbeing - proven to increase productivity and improve onboard culture by motivating the crew through quality and nutritious meals.
  • Continuous monitoring of wellbeing on board - enabling timely reaction and preventing escalation of incidents.
  • Centralised procurement - Important for accountability and consistency of service.
  • Reduced administrative/accounting workload in the office and on board - negotiations with suppliers or cash transactions required.
  • Well-trained catering and housekeeping staff - experienced in handling multi-national crews (at client's request).
  • Reduced catering costs through flexible pricing with models tailored to the owner/manager's needs.
  • Standardisation across the fleet - better record-keeping and error-free reporting.
  • Reputed supply chain partners - providing quality supplies at reasonable costs and economies of scale through bulk purchasing power.
  • Efficient and cost-effective meal planning and ingredient ordering - shortening the purchasing cycle and reducing food waste, resulting in lower operating costs.