Catering and Housekeeping Audit

Seachef carries out Catering and Housekeeping audit onboard the vessels served by it at the request from the principals/managers to ensure that the systems and procedures laid down to carry out effective catering and housekeeping management onboard is holding good and all crew onboard is satisfied with the overall services onboard.

The audit can be extended to vessels which are not catered by Seachef easily. Such an exercise can help the principal/manager of the vessel understand the gaps in the present procedures being followed onboard and furthermore highlight the potential risks which if overlooked for a longer period may result in health hazards, accidents and crew dissatisfaction onboard. It’s often envisaged that the current procedures followed onboard are error free but a close inspection can definitely highlight a variety of problems looming inside the near perfect system. Seachef carries out its audit in following areas:

  • Stores and Inventory Management System
  • Food Safety Parameters
  • Effective Housekeeping
  • Menu Planning
  • Equipment Checks
  • Supply Planning and Purchasing Process
  • Physical Validation of Stocks Onboard
  • Feedback from various crew/officers
  • Vet Quality and Quantity of Supplies Received
  • Assess the Consumption of Food Onboard category wise
  • Vet the knowledge of the Catering and Housekeeping Staff
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