Customer Survey

An annual feedback survey is carried out each year to help better understand the needs of our crew and at the same time receive feedbacks on our day to day performance. The survey is open to all ranks to ensure that we receive maximum feedback.

The survey is based on several crucial parameters relating to our day to day operations at Seachef. Feedbacks on each of these parameters help us to understand the key areas where we need to take immediate corrective measures or preventive measures for future, to eliminate the issues completely or to improve upon them over time.

Although the survey analyses broadly all areas of our work, we would like to share the two most important criteria’s which keeps us going, i.e. Customer’s immediate “Like/Dislike towards our rendered services” and our Customer’s “Willingness to continue using our services in future”. We have a set target to achieve a minimum of 90% score on these two parameters and we are glad that over the last few years we have been continually achieving these targets. Considering the diverse nationalities of crew served onboard a large number of vessels we consider the average median of the feedbacks received to arrive at the results of the survey. We remain committed to make continual effort to improve upon our performance year on year.

Our year on year participation level from our crew onboard our vessels averages between 85 to 95 percent, which shows that our crew takes active interest in participating in these annual surveys. Total number of respondents this year has increased to 4906 seafarers which is a big leap of 66% as compared to last year’s figure of 3246 seafarers. The survey results are distributed to various stake holders within the organisation and to our clients / customers externally as needed.