Safety and Quality

Seachef is an ISO 9001:2015 registered entity and follows strict compliance to its Quality Management System (QMS) which includes meeting the strict food quality and safety norms during its day to day operations.

We are committed to ensure the safety of our crew and customers. This depends on ensuring that every ingredients/material we procure is hygienic/clinically safe or has passed through several quality checks as laid down by local and international norms before it reaches out to our crew and customers. Our hospitality professionals furthermore are trained in HACCP and food safety guidelines to ensure that all provisions are checked for its quality and are stored in accordance to the required parameters to ensure product shelf life and safety.

To improve our Catering and Housekeeping standard Seachef has established a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) which will be satisfying all obligations towards the compliance of MLC regulation. The catering personnel’s along with senior officers are being briefed on the implementation of food safety management system. We have already started to implement the food safety management system onboard all our vessels. Under the food safety management system (FSMS) the entire crew will be educated to instill and follow proper sanitation and hygiene onboard. Day to day checks, weekly meeting and monthly reports will form the backbone of the FSMS which will serve as evidence and cross reference data for continuous improvement and audits.

The overall food safety and hygiene standards is further vetted by the various office personnel visiting the vessel and sharing vital feedbacks with Seachef to take corrective/preventive steps, as needed.

The technical crew on board our vessels undertake a thorough check of the general store items upon its receipt. Any products not aligned to the required standards are rejected and any discrepancies/quality issues are immediately reported back to Seachef for further action. Seachef regularly vets and audits its suppliers and the regular feedback from the vessel’s crew helps them monitor the overall service levels provided by the supplier during a course of time.